Building Bridges between Lawyers and Technology
About us
We are a small company developing and facilitating adoption of software solutions for law firms and legal departments.

We understand both the language of lawyers and the language of software developers. Thus we are able to translate customer's requirements into technical documents in order to ensure satisfaction for all stakeholders of a software development project.

We expect automation to relieve lawyers from routine work and not to create extra workload. We're firmly convinced that inconvenient software inevitably becomes unused software.

We know that data is the basis of any successful automation project. We are advocating open and equal access to legal data. LegalTech, LLC is the member of Association of Data Market Participants.

LegalTech, LLC was founded in early 2018 in a desire to combine experience in legal industry and in software development to create truly convenient software tools facilitating legal work.

Key figures of our team:
Александр Бороухин
LegalTech, LLC CEO & Chief Software Architect
Alexander Borouhin
After many years of legal practice as the head of legal departments in several large corporations, Alexander thoroughly understands all the issues specific to different areas of legal work and to the management of legal function.
Besides, having a 20+ years of computer programming experience, Alexander is skilled at designing, developing and implementing software systems of any scale. He has successfully lead the design of assets management system for the large holding company.
Alexander is an active member of  LegalTech community and the evangelist of legal automation.
Елена Кравцова
Elena Kravtcova
Expert consultations for our current projects are provided by Elena Kravtcova, a licensed attorney.
Elena is a renowned expert in insolvency, management of troubled assets and corporate litigation. She acted as an attorney in several significant legal cases. Elena is the author of publications concerning insolvency law in business media and a frequent speaker of legal conferences.
Elena's participation in the project ensures that her unique experience is translated into automated solutions available to every user.

Our projects
Currently we design and develop several software solutions for our customers.
If your organization faces similar challenges — we're eager to hear about your needs and share our experience and expertise. If our interest is mutual — we can negotiate a deeper cooperation.

Analyzing suspicious transactions
Creditors, insolvency officers, business acquirers face the need to identify suspicious operations among the past activities of another organization quickly and thoroughly.

However, manual analysis of thousands, sometimes even millions of financial transactions, bookkeeping entries, business partner profiles and other data is an extremely time-consuming task and often fails to reach the desired outcome in acceptable time frame.

Combining years of legal expertise in managing troubled assets and bleeding edge big data technology, we develop a solution that facilitates quick identification of voidable contracts and payments, ties with affiliated persons and other facts significant for making business decisions and planning debt recovery.

Automating insolvency proceedings
Insolvency is a complex procedure involving numerous stakeholders: insolvency officers, creditors, legal and financial consultants. Insolvency proceedings imply rigorous control over deadlines, provision of required publications and reports, timely notification of all parties, correct recording and tracking of claims, assets and lawsuits.

Existing software on the market implements only a part of this functionality (insolvency officers' workflow, case management for creditors) and doesn't meet the case of complex insolvency management in cooperation of all the stakeholders.

We design a software solution that provides risk management, routine tasks automation and workload distribution in complex insolvency proceedings.

Are you a law firm or a legal department seeking for automation opportunities?

We may help you. We're interested in exploring real-world customer needs and we can share our knowledge with you in exchange.
We're acquainted with all the main LegalTech solutions on the market. We can also soundly estimate time frame, costs and risks of developing a custom software product. Based on this knowledge we can advise the best automation scenario for your business.
If we can meet your requirements with our own products (especially if your problems are interconnected with our projects already in development) — we can offer you long-term mutually advantageous cooperation.

Are you a software vendor developing LegalTech solutions or considering to enter this market? Do you seek precise understanding of customer needs, legal language and domain model?

We can translate the needs of lawyers into technical language of formalized functional requirements, specifications, data models and business process descriptions.
Our cooperation may range from single consultations to full-cycle documentation design, analytic and methodological support of your projects.

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